Biotoopia’22: performance and concert

Biotoopia’22: performance and concert

Date: 18.08.2022

Location: Viinistu Art Harbour & Purekkari neem

The events are free.

17.00 Jaanika Peerna’s performance “Glacier Elegy Viinistu” in Viinistu Art Harbour

Glacier Elegy Viinistu is Jaanika Peerna’s latest rendition of her ongoing exhibition and performance series dedicated to both mourning and celebrating glaciers and natural ice. 

With her meticulous process of drawing on, cutting and sculpting thin plastic paper, Peerna transforms the material into a vast landscape of water and ice which will cover the floor of Viinistu “chapel”, overlooking the Baltic sea. 

For her performance, Peerna will invite both two dancers and the audience members to join her in transforming the flexible installation and through this process together ponder on life in silent yet piercing ways. 

Everything is connected. A tiny movement can ripple to change the rest of the whole. Everything is in flux, forever changing. As long as it is alive. 

Can we act together  – to govern, care, notice?  Which movements of ours are changing the wholeness, which ones consider it? 

Dancers: Eva Liisa Metspalu and  Eveli Ojasaar 

20.00 – 21.00 David Rothenberg’s concert “The Secret Sounds of Ponds” in Purekkari neem (RMK parking lot)

David Rothenberg makes music live with the sounds of nature, records music with other species, and writes books and makes films about the process. He has performed and recorded with Pauline Oliveros, Peter Gabriel, Ray Phiri, Suzanne Vega, Scanner, Elliot Sharp, Umru, Iva Bittová, and the Karnataka College of Percussion.  His CD, One Dark Night I Left My Silent House, a duet with pianist Marilyn Crispell, on ECM, was called “une petite miracle” by Le Monde and named by The Village Voice one of the ten best CDs of 2010. Rothenberg has more than thirty other recordings on numerous labels including Gruenrekorder, Clermont, and Oslo Sessions Recordings. His latest releases include In the Wake of Memories, with Berlin percussionist Volker Lankow and Syrian refugee oud master Wassim Mukdad, and They Say Humans Exist, with guitarist Jacob Young and percussionist Sidiki Camara, named best jazz album of 2020 by Stereo+ Magazine.

The event is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment and Civil Society Foundation.

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