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Jaanika Peerna
Jaanika Peerna
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    US / Estonia

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  • Glacier Elegy Viinistu is Jaanika Peerna’s latest rendition of her ongoing exhibition and performance series dedicated to both mourning and celebrating glaciers and natural ice. 

    With her meticulous process of drawing on, cutting and sculpting thin plastic paper, Peerna transforms the material into a vast landscape of water and ice which will cover the floor of Viinistu “chapel”, overlooking the Baltic sea. 

    For her performance, Peerna will invite both two dancers and the audience members to join her in transforming the flexible installation and through this process together ponder on life in silent yet piercing ways. 

    Everything is connected. A tiny movement can ripple to change the rest of the whole. Everything is in flux, forever changing. As long as it is alive. 

    Can we act together  – to govern, care, notice?  Which movements of ours are changing the wholeness, which ones consider it? 

    Dancers: Eva Liisa Metspalu and  Eveli Ojasaar 

    Jaanika Peerna is an Estonian-born environmental artist living and working in New York since 1998. Her work encompasses drawing, installation, and performance, often dealing with the theme of transitions in light, air, water and other natural phenomena. For her performances she often involves the audience in participatory reflection on the current climate meltdown. Her art practice stems from the corporeal experience of our existence and reaches towards enhanced awareness of the fragility, interconnectedness and wonder of all life. She has exhibited her work and performed extensively in the entire New York metropolitan area as well as in Berlin, Paris, Tallinn, Barcelona, Venice, Moscow, Dubai, Sydney, Canberra, Montreal, and Cologne. Her work is in numerous private collections in the USA and Europe and is part of the Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Paris. Her performance Glacier Elegy was recently acquired by the Glyn Vivian Museum in the UK. Her work is represented by JHB Gallery and ARC Fine Art in the US, HAUS Galerii in Estonia and IdeelART and Zoë Foster globally. She was awarded the FID Grand Prize in 2016 for her work in drawing, and she was a teaching artist at the Dia Art Foundation for many years. In January 2022  a new monograph Glacier Elegies is published by Terra Nova Press and distributed by MIT Press.