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The Biotoopia´22 walks: Interspieces City highlighted hybrid living situations in urban settings

The Biotoopia´22 walks: Interspieces City highlighted hybrid living situations in urban settings

Thursday,  August, starting at 19:00, a Biotoopia 2022 festival walk took place in Lasnamäe, Tallinn’s largest district, where UT Ethnology MA student Hildegard Reimann explores the possibility of life in the city from the perspective of different species. The walk links urbanity with sensory fieldwork, encouraging participants to actively engage with the environment and place themselves in the situation of other types of organisms.

The experience of perceiving urban space commonly known as ‘city of concrete’, in a prefabricated housing estate, offers participants a unique experience. This Biotoopia Walks session will focus on hybrid habitats in the Lasnamäe residential area. This is an expedition of sensory discovery based on the principles of multidisciplinary ethnography. The purpose of the walks is to increase people’s attention, interest and empathy for other living beings in their everyday environment, “ explained Reimann.  Where do you find food, shelter, a place to raise offspring or to wash, rest and socialize in an urban environment if you happen to be a hedgehog, a seagull or a turtle dove? All animal species are dealing with similar practical concerns in the city. Of course, humans are no exception, “ added she.

The workshop-style walk started on August 4th at 19.00 from the Ussimäe tee bus stop (59°26’56.8 “N 24°53’31.0 “E) and it lasted about 1,5 hours. The format of the walk required active participation and reflection. It was recommended to wear weather-proof clothing and to bring a camera and/or a smart device to take pictures and record sounds.

Photos: Herkko Labi

Biotoopia talks and walks are organised by the Estonian Anthropocene Center NGO with the aim of engaging young people in art, science and the environment. The walks are part of the Biotoopia’22 festival, which will take place this August in Tallinn and Viinistu and, with the help of partners, up until October all over Estonia. For more information visit www.biotoopia.ee/events.

The walk is supported by the Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works department and Wizon OÜ. The development of the Biotoopia community is supported by the National Foundation of the Civil Society.

Biotoopia WLAKS organiser
Hildegard Reimann