The Biotoopia´22 walks: Interspieces City highlights hybrid living situations in urban settings

The Biotoopia´22 walks: Interspieces City highlights hybrid living situations in urban settings

The tour, which takes place on Lasnamäe, focuses on the variety of species found in the typical Soviet-era apartment buildings in Estonia. Even in places that appear to be man-made artificially, species diversity exists. Understanding the communities formed by the interaction of human and natural culture and interspecies empathy is important at a time when the expansion of cities is happening at the expense of other species’ habitats.

The Biotoopia walk ties the city tour and sensory fieldwork together and encourages participants to actively engage with their surroundings and put themselves in the shoes of various kinds of organisms. Where can a hedgehog, seagull, or collared pigeon obtain food, find refuge, rear young, wash, rest, and interact with others?

Hildegard Reimann, a master’s student in ethnology at the University of Tartu in Estonia, was invited by Biotoopia to lead the walk because she is passionate about exploring the interactions between people and animals in urban settings. Leif-August Kirs, a specialist in environmental education, will accompany us on our stroll.

The 1.5-hour walk begins at 19:00. The event is in Estonian language. 

The 1.5-hour walk begins on August 4 at 19:00 at the Ussimäe road bus stop and takes place at coordinates 59°26’56.8″N 24°53’31.0″E.

The stroll takes the shape of a workshop and necessitates involvement and thought. We advise dressing in weather-resistant attire. It is advised to bring a camera and/or mobile device for capturing noises and taking images.

Free admission is provided. Due to the restricted number of participants, pre-registration at the link is necessary. The group is full ! The next walk will take place in autumn, we will keep you informed.

The Estonian Anthropocene Center NGO hosts Biotoopia TALKS and WALKS to engage young people to discuss about art, science, and environmental issues. The event is part of the Biotoopia’22 programme. Read more about the walk here and other events  on our webpage www.biotoopia.ee/events

Biotoopia WALKS event is supported by Tallinn and Sports Department, Wizon OÜ and Civil Society Foundation.

Biotoopia WLAKS organiser
Hildegard Reimann