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Sustainable strategy manager acting like a detective solving a mystery 

Sustainable strategy manager acting like a detective solving a mystery 

What will 2024 bring for Biotoopia?

Exploring life as it is and highlighting selected topics through art, science, and philosophy is very Biotoopia-like. We’re going to take things slowly this year—no major events are planned—but we’re excited to explore how humans are adjusting to the changing climate and what other options there may be. We are going to dig into the fundamental workings of human nature, examining how cooperation and narratives are constructed and how individuals struggle to manage them. We will share interesting findings with our followers. 

Biotoopia highlights at AISS study programme: sustainable strategy manager acting like a detective solving a mystery 

This autumn, at AISS Master’s study programme, we will discuss  what does the management of a sustainable strategy consist of, and what mysterious journey does the manager have to go through like a detective to discover the areas of environmental impact and the right goals for the organisation and society while maintaining a competitive advantage? How to change your active strategy, using the clues and found evidence which are transforming quickly. Is AI ready to help us, and what dangers and risks can be encountered on the journey? We will learn about the methods used in practice by organisations to measure environmental impact and what challenges they face incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals and Green Deal.

Photo: MorrowShoots

The lecturers 

Merja Bauters
Research Professor in Digital Transformation & Lifelong Learning (DTL3)
School of Digital Technologies, Tallinn University

Kelli Turmann
Entrepreneur who together with environmental experts has been conducting green audits and helping to design sustainable strategies for organisations in Estonia.
MA, International Business, Estonian Business SchoolLecturer in entrepreneurship at Projecting OÜ. Manager and founder of the nonprofit Estonian Anthropocene Centre / Biotoopia

The AISS programme, admission is open! The programme is designed together with three universities: Tallinn UniversityTLÜ digitehnoloogiate instituut / School of Digital TechnologiesTampere University, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences; and Lusófona University Faculty of Natural Sciences, Engineering. In addition, societal NGOs and industry partners such as Citizen OSBiotoopiaLääne-Harju valdInspirators!.