Toomas Trapido
Toomas Trapido
Lecturer at Gaia Academy and Tartu University, co-founder of Forestly fund

Startups and sustainability – oil and water. Or?

There is an increasing number of sustainable forestry and land-use financial platforms ranging from carbon offsetting to more or less hands-on sustainable forestry, agriculture and biodiversity initiatives. However, there seems to be a systemic fault built into these platforms that may be an insurmountable obstacle. It’s not easy to put a finger on it exactly, but the source of this systemic fault is the assumption for growth, absentee shareholders (no real connection with the lands being invested into) and overreliance on technology. It could work better, but basic assumptions and the whole setup of these platforms should be different.   

Toomas Trapido For quite some years my main field of activity has been, and still is, education, mainly in the field of biology and holistic worldview. I’m teaching in two schools – Gaia School and Tallinn Waldorf School and adults in Gaia Academy and Tartu University.
I have been the co-initiator or co-dreamer and leader of several organisations and projects, like Gaia Academy, Let’s Do It World!, Things.info etc. I have studied biology and did my masters degree in design and development of virtual environments both in Tartu University. I led Estonian Fund for Nature, was Green MP in Estonian Parliament. I also love leading group processes using open space, circles and other participatory leadership methods.

I’m also the co-founder of Forestly platform – sustainable forestry fund. 
I am curious about the world, want to do my part where I see it’s really changing something – be it small or big.