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Sirje Helme
Sirje Helme
Art Museum of Estonia
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  • Sirje Helme, PhD , CEO of Art Museum of Estonia 

    Editor of art magazine Kunst, director of Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia(1992 -2005), director of  Kumu Art Museum ( branch of Art Museum of Estonia) 2005 – 2009,  General Director of Art Museum of Estonia, 2009 -2016, since 2016  CEO of Art Museum of Estonia. 

    Sirje Helmes’s main research field is post-war art (modernism and avant-garde)  in Estonia and East-Central Europe.  Lecturer in Tartu University. Visiting professor in Tartu University in 2012 –2013. Articles are published  in several Estonian and international academic journals, autor of  several books, . ,e.g co-author of History of Estonian Art 1940 – 1990, volume 6, books 1,2 , 2013 and 2016, author of  Short History of Estonian Art (together with prof Jaak Kangilaski) 1999, also in Finnish, 2000; „Popkunst Forever. Estonian pop art at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s“, 2010; Short History of Estonian Art““, 2019 etc. Editor and author of articles for books („Jüri Okas“, 2017, „Leonhard Lapin“, 2018).

    Organized conferences and editor of proceedings  of the Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia and Art Museum of Estonia. Curator of several exhibitions in Estonia and internationally, comissioner of the Estonian Pavillion of Venice Biennale 1999 -2005.