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Speakers / artists

Minni Oras, Leanne Barbo, Marion Selgall, Janika Oras
Minni Oras, Leanne Barbo, Marion Selgall, Janika Oras
Regilauljad (Estonian traditional singers)

We will sing spring and summer songs from the northern coast of Estonia.

Our long experience of singing together and a shared love of regilaul is what unites us.

Minni Oras:

I have been singing regilaul continuously for 30 years. It is something that I have grown up with and cannot imagine my life without. Songs accompany my daily routines and pop up even at work. And of course, I enjoy singing in the company of other enthusiasts.

Leanne Barbo:

I discovered regilaul and folk music in high school. I am very thankful for the Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore at Tartu University and the ensembles Sinimaniseele and Väike Helloro for giving me an opportunity to get closer to the soul of regilaul and to share it with others. I love how timeless, sharp, and simultaneously imaginative regilaul is. And the exuberant joy of swinging songs sung during this time of the year.

Marion Selgall:

I found my first regilaul in high school. After graduation I had the chance to study folklore at Tartu University. There I dove deep into the world of regilaul. Since then, I have been singing in various music groups such as Sinimaniseele, Raud-Ants 6hunesseq, and Talina naase’. I appreciate the opportunity to channel something archaic, and at the same time relatable, through regilaul.

Janika Oras:

I grew up in the tradition of classical music and became fascinated by regilaul’s distinctness: its unique philosophy, phrasing, and other musical details, such as the fact that the performance is created in the very moment of singing. Currently I research and teach regilaul. I enjoy exploring new aspects of regilaul and sharing the joy of singing with others.