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Peeter Laurits
Peeter Laurits
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  • SOMETHING’S RELATED TO EVERYTHING is an exhibition that offers new ways of seeing nature. In nature, the invisible and barely perceptible processes are much more important than the ones we can see with our eyes or touch with our hands. We are not very likely to ever cast a glance underground where life’s abuzz. We only notice a small fraction of how in the living world everything is related to everything. The consciousness of other life forms, their mutual interactions and influences are out of the reach of our senses. Beyond that, we have our knowledge and imagination. What we can’t see, we can imagine.

    Peeter Laurits (born in 1962) has studied in Tartu and Leningrad State Universities, Estonian Humanitarian Institute and New York International Centre of Photography. His main means of expression are photography and digital manipulations. First, he was engaged with media critical approach, but soon turned to deep ecology, moved into woods and combined the neolithic methods with post-industrial ones, both in his art and lifestyle. Now the focus of his work is posthumanist ethics.

    He has enriched the tools for photographic expression and broadened the role of the photograph in the Estonian cultural space. Made one-man shows in London, Berlin, Moscow and Chiang Mai, his work has been bought by museums, public and private collections and his monumental pieces have been assigned to public space. In 2017 he was invited a visiting professor for liberal arts at Tartu University and since 2020 is curating a series of interdisciplinary art and science forums Biotoopia.