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Mihkel Kangur
Mihkel Kangur
Senior researcher in ecology and associate professor of sustainable development, Tallinn University
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  • Why bumblebees are silent, or how to learn the invisible..

    Thanks to science, we know more and more about nature, more and more deeply and in detail. At the same time, we have probably never been so alienated and distant from the nature that contains us. I try to discuss the topics of how education and living arrangements increasingly separate us from nature, and at the same time, with the help of good education, we can overcome this gap. How could people once again learn to notice the invisible and imperceptible in nature?

    Mihkel Kangur, PhD in ecology, 2005, Tallinn University, is a senior researcher in ecology and associate professor of sustainable development at Tallinn University. In his research works on ecology, he has focused on the development of methodologies for investigating the history of Estonian vegetation. He has participated in the creation of several sustainable development strategic documents and the promotion of sustainable development education. In┬árecent years he has mostly focused on educational sciences, he defended his master’s degree in educational sciences in 2021 and today┬áparticipates in the creation of Rakvere State Secondary School as a head of studies and development.