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Kelli Turmann
Kelli Turmann
Founder and manager of Estonian Anthropocene Center
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  • Founder and manager of Estonian Anthropocene Center

    Kelli is a founding member and organization manager of the Estonian Anthropocene Center. EAC increases the strength of multispecies communities by shifting mindset and behavior patterns in collaboration with artists, natural scientists, philosophers, educators, and students in order to sustain a flourishing future for all. Kelli highlights fine art(ists), supports environmental education, and organizes an annual international hybrid conference called Biotoopia at the Estonian Anthropocene Center. Kelli has mentored over 30 students during three years at Biotoopia in a variety of study formats (internships at Biotoopia events, Biotoopia Life Project, and Biotoopia Design Project in Tallinn University etc). In addition, Kelli started the Biotoopia Talks and Walks series, where experts converse with students, to give young creatives a voice.

    Kelli has been working in the creative industry for more than ten years; during that time, she has managed innovative projects at the Estonian Design Center and supervised students at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Kelli has a MA degree in Management (Estonian Business School).