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Kadri Liis Rääk
Kadri Liis Rääk
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  • Kadri Liis Rääk (b. 1990, Tallinn) is a visual artist residing in Tallinn, using installation, drawing, texts and performance to explore various perceptions about the activation of senses, more importantly the sense of touch. Having a background in scenography and autonomous design, she places great emphasis on tactility and unique material combinations in her practice, using textiles, ceramics, silicone, wood, glass, metal, foam, plastic, paper, organic materials and found objects. The works play with archetypical and symbolic motifs, drawing inspiration from nature and the noospheric world. Such hybrid art blurs the boundaries of media with various fields of knowledge, such as mythology, biology, or philosophy. An important trigger for her works is the dialogue between the viewer and the work, materials, tactility and location. In her practice, she explores the relationship between physical and mental structures, with the aim of looking at the world with a renewed, more empathetic view.


    The ongoing and ever-evolving Rhizopia, or rhizomatic utopia, is a tactile, speculative-narrative installation that acts as an interface between the self and the environment. It is a constantly changing and evolving habitat, consisting of tactile, human-sized sculptural objects, activating all senses upon entering. Presence within this sphere has the potential to form a mycelium-like network that allows the interweaving of humans with the objects. Various actions – listening, moving, touching, thinking, speaking – merge the experiencer with the space even deeper, keeping it alive, nurturing it.  It’s a dwelling for interlinked multi-being muddle, where people, objects and the space that is created between them create new sensibilities and approaces. A fibrous, evolving system which shifts with each entity—relations might arise while borders dissolve.