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Jila Svicevic
Jila Svicevic
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    Hungary / Estonia

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  • Tuliuss

    The new site-specific exhibition continues and expands Jila Svicevic’s installation work “Tuliuss” (2021), which is created for reflecting to the environment by mimicking the bioluminescence of the glowworm/”Tuliuss”.

    Tuliuss is the journey that reflect to the environment and its history through its installations that glow in dark. The objects create new narratives that link to the ideas related to the importance of taking time and effort to better understand and reconnect with our biosphere.

    The new objects hidden on Mohni island will be present as physical objects as well as mapped online and tokenized as eco-friendly NFTs. This way transferring biospheric data between physical, web2 and web3 networks for its sustainability.

    The hybrid placement is also a form of adaptation where site specific knowledge turns into new symbols that are simultaneously present in different ecosystems.

    Jila Svicevic (b. 1991, Yugoslavia, Novi Sad) is a socio-ecologically engaged interdisciplinary artist, based in Tallinn, Estonia. She graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MA in Intermedia, 2020). Additionally, she has studied at the University of Nova Gorica (Media Arts and Practices, MA) and the Estonian Academy of Arts (New Media, Design MA). She has had exhibited in Hungary, Russia, Lithuania, Denmark, Switzerland, and South Korea. Her projects reflect on contemporary environmental and social issues, with a focus on sociocultural, biological, and mental diversity. She considers different media formats as potential tools for communication, education, adaptation, and finding creative solutions at the social level. Her goal is to engage new conversations and encourage a wider public to take actions in order to protect our ecosystems.