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Jane Remm
Jane Remm
Artist and art educator, lecturer of art didactics in Tallinn University
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  • Workshop – About soil and the rest

    The workshop springs from the recognition of the biodiversity of soil and wandering about its agency in the context of visual art. We will discover the spring soil through relating to it through our human bodies – lying down, sitting and walking on the soil, digging our hands into the dirt. How does underground life smell and feel? How do I feel as a part of the soil? Further discussions will lead us to recognizing the diversity of soil. Various living organisms and minerals have taken part in building the layers of humus over the centuries. How would they like to be represented? How do I want to be represented as part of the soil? From umbra to sienna, soil has played an important role in painting. Carried by this notion we will finish the workshop by painting with soil – creating a soil-self-portrait. 

    Up to 15 people can participate in the workshop. Registration information is coming.

    Jane Remm is an artist and art educator, working as the lecturer of art didactics in Tallinn University. She is currently a PhD student in Estonian Academy of the Arts doing practice-based artistic research. Her interests in art and artistic research include communication and co-creation with other species and the possibilities of translating and recreating the experience in, of and as nature.