Tallinn Botanic Garden


Speakers / artists

Inge Ivaste, Hildegard Reimann, Anette Pärn
Inge Ivaste, Hildegard Reimann, Anette Pärn
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Inge Ivaste:

As a neuroscience student i have always wondered about the questions about human beings, their joys and sorrows, the relationships they form with their surroundings, natural and artificial. Besides learning theory about human brain in university, I like to ‘collect’ stories to form a more complete understanding about humans and human interactions. I believe stories have a power to inspire and change people. Therefore, I hope that stories, whether lived-through, collected and told by me or other storytellers, help me as well as my surroundings to try to get closer to what I believe in – the Good, the Honest and the Fair.

Hildegard Reimann:

I am an ethnologist who wonders about human- nonhuman relationships. Places where the opposing categories are fusing are the best to learn about the complexity of human nature. That’s why I find myself wondering in places where the opposites – familiar and strange, city and nature, order and chaos – meet. All that ethnology and folkloristics are describing, I try to express through art.

Anette Pärn: 

At times I am a young semiotician wondering about signs, fascinated by theories of models and abstract principles that form the underlying foundation of the world. At times I am an artist, discovering all kinds of conceptual and material mediums and not willing to decide  which of them appeals to me the most. At times I flutter around and feel that my first name should be Chaos. At times there seems to be occurrences of Order. I always choose not to be numb to human and non-human pain. I always believe in the power of Rebellion. I always strive for raw Honesty. I always believe in Love – even when the empirical evidence of the world resists it. I always choose Life.