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Ave Teeääre & Lagle Suursild
Ave Teeääre & Lagle Suursild
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  • Workshop: As Above so Below

    In the workshop, we will create a small world and the characters in it, we will bring to light the social network between them and play! We will mainly use natural and recycled materials. As music is said to be the seed of the universe, we will use live music and sounds to elevate and carry our creative process. Let’s see the world we’ll make. Come and pitch in! Everyone’s welcome – big and small, young and old, especially the whole families. Can’t wait to create with you! – Ave ja Lagle

    Ave Teeääre is the founder of Travelling Puppet Theatre Nõu Puu, illustrator, teacher of creativity classes and nature clubs. Graduated EKA MA in Arts, 2007.

    Lagle Suursild “I’ve stopped weeding the garden and started weeding myself and then forgot to weed myself and started weeding the garden again. My challenge is to find a balance. We are very similar to plants – we need water, heat from the sun, air to breathe and our bodies waste into the earth. As humans, we have the ability to think, and this is where both creation and destruction begin. How can we find a way so that our thinking is still more joy than sorrow? I am a gardener.”