Tallinn Botanic Garden


Exhibition “Something’s related to everything” by Peeter Laurits

Exhibition “Something’s related to everything” by Peeter Laurits

Date: 08.09.2022 – 30.09.2023

Location: Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29a, Tallinn, Estonia)

Webpage: https://www.loodusmuuseum.ee/et/exhibitions/peeter-laurits-%22miski-koigega-seotud%22

This is an exhibition that offers new ways of seeing nature. In nature, the invisible and barely perceptible processes are much more important than the ones we can see with our eyes or touch with our hands. We are not very likely to ever cast a glance underground where life’s abuzz. We only notice a small fraction of how in the living world everything is related to everything. The consciousness of other life forms, their mutual interactions and influences are out of the reach of our senses. Beyond that, we have our knowledge and imagination. What we can’t see, we can imagine. 

Curator:  Ulla Villem

Consultant:  Tiina Määrmann

Printing:  Siim Vahur, Artproof, Aleks Märtson, Elavad Pildid

Sound:  Ann Reimann, Veljo Runnel

Animation:  Maido Hollo, Tolm stuudio

Woodwork for the bark-beetle screen:  Rein Thetloff

Language editor:  Leelo Laurits

English translation:  Kristi Lahne

Russian translation:  Anna Mar

Montage:  Siim Soop