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Biotoopia’22 Talks: Eco-aesthetics

Biotoopia’22 Talks: Eco-aesthetics

Date: 16.08 at 18:00 – 19:30 (UTC+3)

Location: Puänt bookstore (Telliskivi 60a/1, Tallinn, Estonia)

Online: Facebook live event

BIOTOOPIA TALKS no 4: “Eco-aesthetics”

On the 16th of August, a few days before Biotoopia greets people in Viinistu four prominent persons meet on stage. Like small different streams which eventually all flow into one river.

Next Biotoopia TALKS will focus on the concept of eco-aesthetics that could fill the gap between art and ecosystems and see beauty as a phenomenon intrinsic to every part of the biosphere. 

The stage belongs to:

composer, musician, author, and philosopher David Rothenberg (USA),

experimental musician and Stanford University postgraduate student Vaim Sarv,

artist Jaanika Peerna, and

professor of biosemiotics at Tartu University Kalevi Kull. 

The discussion is moderated by curator Lilian Hiob.

Species are very different, and diverse in many ways. This makes the aesthetics very diverse. If we expand the aesthetic view beyond the boundaries of the species, we will probably encounter a phenomenon that could be called strange beauty.

Kalevi Kull: “Human art has never reached its heights of beauty without the longstanding, undisturbed, diverse communities of life and ecosystems mirroring her own aesthetics to the human mind.” 

What is beauty? And how is it seen in eco-aesthetics will be found out on 16th of August.

You are welcome to join us on the panel discussion at PUÄNT bookstore at Telliskivi Creative City (Telliskivi Loomelinnak, Telliskivi 60A/1, Tallinn).


join us through a live broadcast on Biotoopia’s Facebook page. The link to the live will be shared on this event. 

More information can be found on Facebook.


The Talks is held in English.

The Talks will also be broadcast via Facebook on Biotopia’s Facebook page.

On site, we comply with the security rules established by the government.

Biotoopia Talks event is organized by Estonian Anthropocene Center MTÜ in cooperation with PUÄNT bookstore with the aim of engaging young people to talk about the topics of art, science and the environment. 

The Talks is supported by the Civil Society Foundation, Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department, Wizon OÜ, Puänt. 

Biotoopia TALKS is led by Estonian Anthropocene Center NGO

Biotoopia Talks project manager

Saara Silvia Soasepp