Biotoopia´22: a day trip to Mohni island

Biotoopia´22: a day trip to Mohni island

Date: 19.08.2022

Location: Mohni island

For the first 40 people who register, the event is free. To reserve a place on the ferry, fill out the form below. Please register here.

If all of the available free spaces are taken, you can join us at the same time by ferry for 25 EUR to Mohni and return.

Please bring your own snacks and beverages to the event.


10.00 – 11.00 Gathering in Viinistu Art Harbour

11.00 – 12.30 Ferry to Mohni island

13.00 Rein Kuresoo nature trip

14.00 Kalevi Kull talks & jubilee celebration in 4 m2 nature area

15.00 Lunch

16.00 Art installation Tuliuss introduction by Jila Svicevic

The new site-specific exhibition continues and expands Jila Svicevic’s installation work “Tuliuss” (2021), which is created for reflecting to the environment by mimicking the bioluminescence of the glowworm/”Tuliuss”.

Tuliuss is the journey that reflect to the environment and its history through its installations that glow in dark. The objects create new narratives that link to the ideas related to the importance of taking time and effort to better understand and reconnect with our biosphere.

The new objects hidden on Mohni island will be present as physical objects as well as mapped online and tokenized as eco-friendly NFTs. This way transferring biospheric data between physical, web2 and web3 networks for its sustainability.

The hybrid placement is also a form of adaptation where site specific knowledge turns into new symbols that are simultaneously present in different ecosystems.

The event is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment and Civil Society Foundation.

Keep an eye our Facebook page for any last minute updates. 

For additional info please write: info@biotoopia.ee