Tallinn Botanic Garden

Biotoopia online conference / August 17-19

What takes place?

Biotoopia is conference that seeks to build networks between the arts, sciences and biotic communities. Our online format presents on 17th and 18th August (UTC+03) in live almost all of the physical conference programme held in Viinistu, Estonia. You’ll experience online even the art programme and can actively participate in discussion boards.


The online format will use Worksup platform that is specially developed for helding live seminars and conferences online. Participant don’t need any kind of special programme besides their regular web browser. You can actively ask questions and start discussions between other participators. As most of our art programme this year is in video and digital format, we can fully present it also online. Please download Biotoopia online conference information package



Screenshot of Worksup online conference platform

The platform can be accessed by a web browser on a phone, tablet or PC. We recommend using browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. The detailed instructions for entering the Worksup platform will be sent via email after you purchase a ticket.

Why to attend?

If you are a teacher, scientist, thinker, activist or just intrested in contemporary currents in art and science, then Biotoopia will be for you a place for discovering latest ideas, out-of-box thinking and full engagement in opening new ways how to deal with climate change, build ecological awareness and loosen up on human-centered worldview. 


Conference tickets

11.-12.05. Online Conference Review Pass

11.-12.05.2023. online platform

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11.-12.05. at Tallinn Botanic Garden (sold out) 

11.-12.05.2023. at Tallinn Botanic Garden
Presentations, discussions
Nature trip
Network & materials
Online pass, review

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13.05. Art Program on Loopealse Wasteland (sold out)

A guided journey through a wasteland
on the Loopealse (location has changed)

* Young Boy Dancing Group
* Vaim Sarv
* Janika Oras, Leanne Barbo, Marion Selgall, and Minni Oras
* performative guides: Anette Pärn, Hildegard Reimann, Inge Ivaste

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Support us ticket

Sponsor ticket (sales ended)

11.-13.05.2023 at Tallinn Botanic Garden / online / Loopealse Wasteland
Presentations, discussions
Art & music performances
Network & materials
Online pass, review

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Want to attend physical conference in Viinistu instead?

Biotoopia physical conference takes place on 17-19 August in an historical fishing village Viinistu on the north coast of Estonia, 75 km from the capital Tallinn. Conference main stage will be in Viinistu Art Harbour that offers Biotoopia a range of diverse facilities: restaurant, hotel, museum, galleries, arbour, port, sauna and lots of cosy corners for private meetings, discussions and making new acquaintances.

If you are intrested attending the physical conference, check more information from HERE