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Biotoopia’22 programme has been reorganized

Biotoopia’22 programme has been reorganized

We are deeply sad to announce that the originally planned Biotoopia´22 programme has had to be reorganized. Instead of a three-day conference, this year Biotoopia will take place in Viinistu Art Harbour as a special programme free of charge for the public – on August 18th an art day will be held and on 19th, a nature excursion to the island of Mohn. In addition, several exhibitions linked to Biotoopia in various places in Estonia, will be open to the public until October (e.g. in Tartu Art Hall, Tallinn Botanical Garden, Vaal Gallery, etc.). More information on this can be found on our website events page.

The reason for the rearrangements is the fact that we are in a completely new political and economic situation. Rising prices have led to a 20-30% increase in the cost of organizing big events, as well as to the reduction in the economic capacity of audiences to participate in cultural events with tickets. This could not have been foreseen at the end of 2021, when plans were made with a concept that worked in the old economic environment. These plans can no longer be implemented.

Therefore, as a quick fix, we have decided to offer the art and nature events, originally planned as part of the conference, free of charge to the audience, so that Biotoopia synergy is not interrupted and the discussions on our very important topics can continue.

In view of the new circumstances, we will propose in the near future, more economical event formats to connect scientists and artists and to discuss and disseminate biosphere conservation ideas.

We wish to thank all the supporters, speakers, artists, Biotoopia team members, volunteers, partners and of course, people who have purchased our tickets. All tickets purchased so far will be refunded to their holders, who will be contacted shortly.

For any questions please contact: info@biotoopia.ee

Team Biotoopia