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Biotoopia 2021 conference: artists and scientist from 8 countries meet in Estonia

Biotoopia 2021 conference: artists and scientist from 8 countries meet in Estonia

First-ever Biotoopia hybrid-conference, taking place in Estonia and online from August 26-28, offers visitors a mix of science, music, art and nature observations. The updated programme focused on connecting science and art to find solutions to the ecological and climate crises, hosts innovative science presentations and artists that fill the top-level art programme of the conference.

Visiting the international Biotoopia 2021 conference, in-person or online via Worksup platform, is recommended for anyone worried about the current state of the relationship between humans and nature. „Recently published IPCC report, but also the extreme weather events we all have endured during this summer, give us a clear message – we need a societal change to re-establish the harmony between mankind and nature. This task needs cooperation between all fields of life and this is one of the reasons we have brought innovative artists together with scientist and philosophers to discuss the possibility of bioharmony and the solutions for achieving it,” noted Mr. Peeter Laurits, artist and a curator of the conference.

Three-day programme of the conference offers various discussions on bioharmony-related philosophical and symbolic issues, but also the historical point-of-view. Music, installations, photos and videos by the artists from USA, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Spain, Latvia, the Netherlands, and Finland make up the versatile art programme that reflects on the main topics of the conference. Philosophers, biologists, historians and cultural theorists take the stage to discuss the various sides of bioharmony – among them ecology and cognitive science researcher and philosopher Vicente Raja (Spain), artist Timur Si-Qin (USA/Germany), biologists and writer Andreas Weber (Germany), philosopher Ewa Domanska (Poland) and artists Nathalie Beekman (the Netherlands) and T.S. Anna (Latvia). 

Estonia, as the birthplace of Biotoopia, welcomes on stage cultural theorists Rein Raud (Tallinn University), essayist and poet Hasso Krull, biologist Sirgi Saar (Tartu University), art theoretic Andrus Laansoo (Estonian Academy of Arts) and philosopher Margus Ott (Tallinn University). The moderators of the conference are Grete Arro and Marek Tamm from Tallinn University. 

The top-level art programme brings unique music, magical installations whilst the conference itself gives us an opportunity to debate the state and possibilities of bioharmony with artists, scientists, and fellow visitors in Viinistu Art Harbor or online. “If you believe that change is necessary and not only that, but possible as well and it could be led by art, natural sciences and philosophy, Biotoopia is worth a visit. Change starts from the mindset and only after that spreads further. Giving it a new direction through mixing the best of the mentioned fields might be a way forward,” said Mr. Laurits.