Tiit Maran
Tiit Maran
Conservationist. Tallinn Zoological Gardens, Estonian University of Life Sciences

Seeking for understanding while living out of context

Being involved in the establishment of wild population endangered species from captive born founders, I have evidenced the complications of animals from human-created captive environment coping in natural conditions due to inexperience of natural context. The same model can be used to look into inability of current human enterprise to incorporate understanding of Life into current prevailing mythology. 

In my talk, I look into current humanities living in its modified environment surrounded  by very thick cultural layers, where real practical lived knowledge about natural environment in the overall narrative is marginal at best. I discuss the importance of promoting the “nature culture” as a important channel to bring holistic understanding of Life into current narrative. This, perhaps, allows to work towards change of modern mythology by adding holistic understanding of the planet while living in human-created “non-natural” context. That is – out of context.

Tiit Maran is currently a director of Tallinn Zoological Gardens and, in parallel, visiting lecturer in Estonian University of Life Sciences.  He has spent decades for translocation of zoo-born European mink into Hiiumaa Island with aim to establish safe sanctuary for this critically endangered species. This decades-long operation succeeded in 2016. In parallel, he read for years courses on conservation biology in Tallinn University and gave lectures on conservation in other universities. He is a member of various specialist groups in the IUCN. In recent years, he is focussing more into study of perception of environment by different human cultures and its significance in current humanities-environment crises.