Taavi Varm
Taavi Varm
Artist, musician
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  • The False Reality of Fusion Memory

    Memory – contiguity – fractiousness – do not remember – again – demolishing – contiguity > any difference?

    Tentacle stretches and gets chopped off. Again and again. Fish jump on dry land. Awful sight, you don’t want, but still hope. Maybe. You see the world differently, it keeps repeating. You can’t be sure if you understand what you see. Is it possible to learn from repetition? Is it necessary? Confidence, memory and contiguity.

    The False Reality of Fusion Memory is an audiovisual piece of augmented reality, inspired by time perception theories of Mihály Csíkszentmihály. The work is a site-specific installation that can be experienced using a smartphone and headphones at Viinistu Art Harbour.

    PS! Please bring and use your own headphones and a smartphone.

    Taavi Varm (1979, Estonia) is a visual artist interested in combining spatial design with projection-based media. He is currently a Master’s degree student at Media Lab Helsinki, Aalto University. Along the way, he has been teaching video, art, and technology-related courses for the past 20 years in different Universities in Estonia and abroad. That has lead him to be an expert in consulting various government and national projects. He has done stage video design for numerous theatre plays in Estonia, combining hi-tech solutions to narrow the gap between technology and real-time performance. Taavi is also specialized in large-scale projection mapping projects. Lately, he has been working with interactive projects to create installations for museums and unique environments. To name a few: Fazer Visitor Centre, Georgian Pavillion at ****Word Expo Astana, Unity DOME 360, Narva Alexander’s Cathedral installation, Narva Museum, and many more. He runs the hybrid design company Varm Studio with his wife, designer and illustrator Anni Varm, which has developed many big scale projects to introduce Estonian design worldwide.