Sirgi Saar
Sirgi Saar
University of Tartu
Desertification Research Centre
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  • Sirgi Saar is a researcher of Plant Ecology in University of Tartu. She is currently located in Valencia, Spain as a postdoctoral researcher in Desertification Research Centre and working with rice. Sirgi wanted to become a scientist since childhood and started her first student research at the age of eight, continuing with different biology-themed topics throughout her school years. At the age of 18 she took part of International Biology Olympiad in Argentina. Her main research interests in university were plant behaviour (plant-plant interactions, biotic feedbacks), which led to exchange semesters in universities of South Bohemia (Czech Republic), Wageningen (Netherlands) and Manchester (England). After defending a PhD degree in University of Tartu she worked as a postdoctoral fellow in Italian Institute of Technology (plant-inspired biorobotics) and currently is trying to find an ecological complementarity between different rice varieties to make them naturally suppress agricultural weeds and reduce the need for herbicides. In addition to basic research in ecology she is interested in biosemiotics, potential cognitive abilities of plants and open to interdisciplinary collaborations.