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Ki Nurmenniemi
Ki Nurmenniemi
Artist, curator
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  • Metamorphoses, tempo rubato is a looping ultrasonic installation by Myriagon (Tuomas A. Laitinen & Ki Nurmenniemi). It attunes to the resonances of morphing social-ecological systems in various scales and temporalities.

    Ki Nurmenniemi is a curator based out of Helsinki. For the past decade, they have been developing a socio-ecologically sensitive curatorial approach that builds upon the critical posthumanities, feminist new materialisms and post-fossil theories. Ki has curated art exhibitions, performative installations, and public programs in Finland, South Korea, and the US. In 2012–2018, they led the EU project Frontiers in Retreat – Multidisciplinary Approaches to Ecology in Contemporary Art (coordinated by HIAP). In 2020, Ki co-founded Punos Art & Research, a platform for commissioning art and conducting research on eco-social transformations. Ki is also a doctoral candidate in Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences at DENVI, University of Helsinki. Together with artist and musician Tuomas A. Laitinen, Ki forms the duo Myriagon.